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I’m Ashraf Mohamed Samaan, 26 years old , Palestinian from Gaza city. I’m a psychologist and a social worker. I achieved a success story in treating the behaviors of autistic spectrum children using psychodrama technolog, Psychological drama. I always dreamed to got amaster degree, so I enrolled at the French University of Strasbourg specialized in clinical analytical pathology. ,to achieve that dream ,l enrolled at Lauren University in Metz, France, to learn French. Without warning, the war came on October 7, when l should send my papers to the consulate in Jerusalem to completed my papers and procedures to achieve that dream. But the path change to another without even knowing . The dream dissipated from France to the far south of Gaza Strip, the southern part of Palestine. I did not dream of being a Palestinian refugee under what is called forced displacement. From here, the story of pain began, as the Israeli war began with all its military standards, striking infrastructure, targeting unarmed civilians and displacing those who remained from their homes from the north to the south of Gaza. We started walking to a long distance. Our suffering began by raising the white media out of fear of Israeli targeting us. As soon as we broadcast a little by walking, we heard the defenders’ voices blazing towards our funerals. He was killed and injured. We can’t do anything by doing military orders like we live on the resurrection day. After suffering, it lasted more than 12 hours on foot to the southern region of Khanyunis. After the second phase of Israel’s war began with its land entry into the Khanyunis area, grief, fear and tension renewed after the Israeli army demanded the evacuation of Khanyunis by virtue of it as a fighting zone and displacement to the Rafah area. Indeed, the third tent in the Saudi neighbourhood west of Rafah erected between hope and death. Here I live in a small tent expressing the magnitude of my tragedy after the Israeli occupation destroyed my home and dreams. Here I wait my fate. I dream of opening a new portal to look through it at my dream I want to achieve or die in my tent.

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I am from Gaza and my home has been destroyed, I became homeless and I hope to travel to France to complete my life and my studies after I lost my hopes and dreams here in Gaza and my only hope is to support me financially so that I can get out and get my dream achieved

Instagram account: @ashrafsamaan.1

On his instagram account you will find all the latest news related to Gaza, and his personal situation.

«Here I am living in a tent after the Israeli occupation destroyed my home and my dreams. We convey to you our sufferings and what our lives are like. And the details of it… Watch until the end of the video. Allah is enough for us, and He is the best who removes matters, no one feels us, and no one can bear to live in such a place.» Ashraf Samaan


Article: Written by Teresa Domínguez in Nueva Revolución «New Letter From Gaza»

Cartas desde Gaza: Nueva carta desde Gaza

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